Leading You to Success with Innovation

Driving the Force of Motivation with our Ideas

Opportunities, we are all looking for those. But what do you need to do when you finally get a shot at something? You don’t let it go, and you give your one-hundred percent.

The amount of energy required to follow opportunities is provided you by ‘motivation’ – which is why we are here to motivate you to follow up on these opportunities that are being presented to you so you can focus on creating a better future for yourself and the people around you.

It is our belief that innovation is a process of continuous improvement, and it is a never- ending cycle that needs to be kept under notice to see how fast the world is changing.

Technological advancements deserve your attention. We at TWC technologies are living in present but at the same time our minds are working on the future, because it is up-to us to leave an impact on the world by our actions.

“We bring the great minds together to create inspiring products. Our platforms create jobs, and economic opportunities for those who are here to take.”



Timmy Dicki

“Its not just a startup it’s a community that have one belief one goal. Its a place to know others, know yourself and collaborate.”


Timmy Dicki

" A startup that not only focuses on the growth of itself but also on the growth of others. We believe in radiating positivity and forming a team of talented bunch to launch inspiring products."